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Answered a few asks but they’re not appearing publicly… Weird… Maybe it’s just my phone acting up.

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Anonymous asked: i was wondering?, do you actually like messy diapers? or do you just post it for your followers

Hmmm… I like doing it but very very infrequently. But when the urge strikes me I do really enjoy it. But it’s like Once every three months if that. Haha!

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Anonymous asked: Hey just wondering... do you have a dildo? Just nothing personal or much. Thanks

I… Have… A plug… And maybe something new soon. ^_^ Something that vibrates.

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flamepaws asked: So i love your page!!! Great selection ^^ but what is your favorite way to cub out?

Well, don’t tell anyone, but my boyfriend and I have recently befriended someone who is very much going to be my Daddy (with my boyfriends support.) hanging with him and wearing diapers and being fed is preeeeetttty sweet.

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Anonymous asked: Top five worst diaper "artists."

What? But… But no… That’s not very nice.